Both Omni Channel Call Center Solutions include..

Flat rate at $5 USD/hour

All inclusive 24/7/365 Multi Channel Contact

Free local number activation

No time increment. By the second billing (unlike our competitors)

Reporting on the KPIs that matter

Free connection to your current phone number and/or software

Shared Contact Center Solutions

Our pool of agents is shared between our clients.
At less than $.10 USD per minute, it's a no brainer.

Monthly billing by the second

For low or highly fluctuating volumes

Great for Christmas and seasonal needs

Fast Set Up

No Commitment

No Minimum Time Usage

For businesses of any size

No hidden fees. No requirements

Dedicated Contact Center Solutions

One or more agents is exclusively dedicated to you.

Reps transferred/hired to your requirements

Fully customized service & agent pool

Great for high sustained volumes

Agents trained according to to the guidelines you set

Real Time reporting on the KPIs you care about

No Hidden Fees

For Businesses of any industry

Fast Training, if required

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Shared VS Dedicated Call Center Represenatives

A Solution for every business

Shared Contact Center Model

If you expect low volumes or need support at peak hours or time of the month, this model will give you great flexibility. Shared Models can also fit large businesses since reps are used to deal with different clients. Its main advantage is that you are billed only for what you use, and get multi channel support whether you need 5 minutes or 10 hours.

Dedicated Contact Center Representatives

You have very specific requirements or expect high sustained volumes? Don't get us wrong, our shared services are excellent, but dedicated agents are the best in call center outsourcing since they are trained to only serve your clients, and will schedule their work time to always be there when needed 24/7/365.

Combined / Hybrid Call Center Support

Ultimate Scalability

You have a dedicated agent but are expecting more volume than usual? inexCONTACT's software will reroute more than normal traffic to the appropriate representatives from our shared agents pool to maintain the quality your customers have become accustomed to and keep waiting time low, at our standard $5/h.