Why outsource to a call center service provider for your outbound communications ?

Set up an outbound campaign in record time

Flexible options priced on results

Custom solutions & agents selected according to your requirements

Outbound contacts outsourcing seamlessly
with your operation

Real Time Reporting

Our best selling outbound contact center services

Market Research

Increase your customer satisfaction. Define your market. Improve the relevance of your offers.

Data Collection
Phone Interviews

Lead generation & Telemarketing

Integrate inexCONTACT into your marketing efforts to get great ROI. Couple our B2B/B2C Marketing Services with our Sales Team for increased results

Talented Script Writing
Our unparalleled rates


Let our Sales Warriors sell your product or service and cold call your prospects list or leads from our prospecting teams

Results Based pricing
Interested Sales Agents

Debt Collection

Increase your bottom line while maintaining your image

Fund Raising

Let our soft spoken yet result driven reps increase the awareness of your cause & raise the money you need to do good.

Appointment Setting

At unbeatable rates, increase your chances to close more sales

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What is an outbound call center?

An outbound call center reaches out to customers & leads on a personal level. In a world of constant indirect solicitation, they become more important than ever for any business to connect directly on all channels on a one-one, individual to individual basis.

What Outbound Call Center Outsourcing Services can it offer?

A BPO Call Center uses telemarketing and cold calling for lead generation, customer retention, appointment setting and sales.

inexCONTACT’s Outbound representatives are marketing and sales warrior. Armed with their interpersonal skills, they will identify the key selling points of your business and spin them to generate leads or sell cross-sell and upsell your services or product.

How do you get started?

You fill in the form below. We get back to you and set up a dedicated rep or team provided with information about your business, an extended description of your product, and the exact scope of the objectives you want them to pursue.