Why outsource to a BPO call center for your inbound communications ?

Specialists answering specific demands all day

24/7/365 Omni Channel Services

Focus on the core of your business

Customer centric reps

A lot cheaper than hiring inhouse

The INEX Standard

Our best selling inbound contact center services

Customer Service

Give your customers the best service possible without breaking the bank

Virtual Assistance

Stop wasting time. Don't hire a secretary. Let our soft voiced agents set your appointments

Technical Support

Our Tier 1 IT Team makes talking to Tech Support a walk in the park

Order Processing

Whether you are selling shoes on Amazon or Sushis on Uber Eats, treat your customers to a better buying experience at a very low cost for you

Social Media Management

Keep your social profile and your subscribers active to increase brand awareness and conversion

Reservation & Booking

Let your hosts & restaurant clients get the best care possible before even being on location with our instant response service

More contact center outsourcing services

inexCONTACT’s possibilities are endless. As long as your demand does not involve rocket science, we can do it.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of some other services our agents provide.

Feel free to ask us about any listed and non-listed services you might need.

Claims Processing

Billing Inquiry

Live Chat Support

Dispatch Service

Email Handling

Answering Services

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inexCONTACT’s Inbound BPO Call Center representatives qualities

Conflict resolution and problem solving skills

Patience & Attentiveness

Extensive knowledge of our client’s brand, service and products

Familiarity with every channel

What is an Inbound Call Center?

An inbound call center answer calls & messages which come to you or your business with the primary objective to attend to the needs and make the person reaching out to you feel like she or he is your priority. Those who call you can hear a voice instead of voicemail.

Multi-Channel? Call Center? Contact Center?

Call Centers are often referred to as Contact Centers because although most inbound communications are still Voice calls (VoIP), modern call centers now integrate all non-voice channels such as live chat, Txt, email and Video calls to their CRM (Customer Relations Management Software).

What services do Inbound Contact Centers offer?

Contact Centers field any questions relative to a product, service or customer’s account, troubleshoot, solve or submit a ticket regarding a problem, as well as schedule appointments and redirect to the relevant department. Customer Service Outsourcing is our bread and butter.