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Voice & Non Voice Multi Channel Support

Answering the phone is a necessity you cannot forgo, but BPO solutions now exist to increase customer satisfaction while lowering costs.

Call centers are now ‘contact’ centers because they integrate multiple channels in the outsourced services they offer. Whether addressing inbound or outbound communications, each voice & non voice channel has its specificities and goals. Some are more suited to your business and combining them in your customer management and marketing strategies will increase the convenience and accessibility of your offers and in turn, customer satisfaction.

Contact Center Outsourcing Channels

Phone (VoIP)

Still representing the vast majority of call center activities, it will remain so to address complex or urgent demands and reassure customers that a fellow soft voiced person is there for them. VoIP is just phone over the internet, even from a landline.

Video Support

A friendly face allows video calls to create better personal connection between the caller and the contact center representative. The understanding is enhanced and in some cases, the rep can troubleshoot the issue faster because she can actually see the problem.


They are great to answer non urgent queries and are 5 times more cost effective than phone calls. We make sure customers get a confirmation mail to reassure them and guarantee fast response time.

Live Chat / Web Chat

Directly interact with visitors to inform users, offer products or quickly solve several issues from different customers at the same time. Live chat is increasingly used and proves itself to be cost effective, especially with millennials who can continue browsing and people not inclined to talking on the phone.

Social Media

Social Media customer engagement is critical for companies who have a larger social media strategy. Although it does not directly convert to sales, it is a great way to build your brand and make your product and services known.

Text Messaging

Everybody has a phone 24/7 nowadays. Although this medium can feel intrusive, in a well thought-out strategy using carefully crafted messages, it can have a huge impact on your outbound campaigns.

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