Our Creed

inexCONTACT offers its know how to assess a client’s needs and
provide the optimal solutions for the health of her business.

Our goal is to offer the highest standard in quality of service and
meet each of our customer’s expectations at the lowest possible rates.

  • Customer centric reps
  • 24/7/365 Omni Channel Services
  • The INEX Standard
  • The most up to date technologies
  • Custom Solutions
  • The best value for money

About Georgia

inexCONTACT is based at +4 GMT in booming Georgia, strategically located at the confines of Europe, at the doors of Asia and the Middle East. Ranked 7 best country in the world to do business according to the World Bank’s Doing Business 2020.

One of the safest country in the world in the Safety and Crime index (far before Germany or France), compliant with EU legislation, including on data privacy and taxation, Georgia also benefits from an Association with the EU, and a Free Trade Agreement with the EU and China.

Its low utilities and business costs, allows us to offer some of the lowest call center rates you will find worldwide. Read about the BPO Service sector and Georgia’s potential in this independent report by Deloitte.

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Our story

Since our inception, our dynamic company has been striving to improve and expand the quality and range of our services whilst providing the latest technological solutions to our customers. We are a subsidiary of inexPHONE, a telecom company operating local and international telephone services since 2007, as well as offering marketing, IT, corporate sales and web programming services.

You can visit the inexPHONE.ge website here.

inexCONTACT & inexPHONE’s experience in service and telecommunications ensures the best customer experience, and our success to provide our staff with a relaxed workplace and Western Europe’s standards of employee protection.

We will continue to learn, improve and offer you the inexPHONE standard of quality and dedication.

A word from our CEO

The strenght of inexCONTACT lays in the high level of professionalism of our customer centered multilingual representatives. Each one undergoes extensive training specializing in Sales, Tech Support… Our managers are there to support them to always meet the INEX customer satisfaction standard. So we can continue to bring you the best, and get even better at it.

One of our priorities is also to take care of our own so they can take care of you. INEX is at the forefront of social benefits in Georgia and the region. I believe that making business in the long run is a virtuous cycle. That is how we got this far and this is how we are planning on prospering with our employees and customers for many years to come.

Rati Akhvlediani, CEO of inexPHONE & inexCONTACT

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